The maps provided on this page have been constructed by Margot Burns of the CT River Estuary Regional Planning Agency. For additional information on the maps, contact

Existing Land Use Map

The Existing Land Use Map (draft 5/09) shows located with the towns of the Estuary Region and includeing the Towns of Haddam and East Haddam within the Midstate Region. The categories of land shown include Agricultural, Commercial, ` Industrial, Institutional, Mixed, Protected Open Space, Residential and Vacant uses.

Cottontail Open Space Map

The Regional Open Space Map provides insight into the classificaiton, ownership and location of open space within the Estuary Region and the Towns of Haddam and East Haddam. Base layers included in this GIS map include a municipal parcels layer, a subregional watershed basins layer, towns of the Gateway Region, Gateway Conservation Zone Boundary, municipal boundaries, a primary, secondary and local roads layer, and railroad, stream and water layers.